Kemtec-Africa has a wide range of Flotation Collectors that provide varying levels of strength and selectivity as well as a variety of physical and chemical properties for both sulfide and industrial mineral applications. Our products are separated into distinct chemical families that have a variety of derivatives, and in many cases, custom formulations of these basic chemistries are developed to meet the individual needs of various ore types. Please see the technical information on the chemical properties of each product and the methodologies for optimization available in our research and development section.


Xanthates have been the work horse of the sulfide industry for almost 100 years. These water soluble salts are strong, non-selective collectors used in a wide variety of applications in alkaline flotation circuits.  They are available in powder, pellet or aqueous forms. The main products by increasing strength are Sodium Ethyl Xanthate (SEX), Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate (SIPX), Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (SIBX) and Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX). The products are also available in different purities ranging from 80 to 90%.


The Flottec alkyl xanthogen ethyl formate series products from Flottec 20 to Flottec 54. These products are water insoluble, oily liquids that function at all pH values between 2 and 12 and are selective against pyrite except between pH 6 – 8. They are stable in both acid and alkaline circuits and do not age with time.  Compared to xanthates, these products provide better selectivity at lower dosages and lower pH’s, and greater product stability in the circuit.


The Flottec 300 series collectors are water insoluble, oily collectors similar to Xanthogen Formates, function well in both acid and alkaline circuits. They are also one of the most selective collectors against pyrite.  These products are also excellent for improving moly recovery and are often used in conjunction with other collectors in Cu/Mo circuits.


The Flottec 1000 series collectors are water insoluble, oily liquids that function well in alkaline flotation circuits (pH 7 – 12) and in particular are excellent for flotation of secondary copper mineralization.  They are highly effective when iron sulfides are a problem and provide selectivity against pyrite at lower pH levels than xanthates. Thionocarbamates are also most effective as a primary copper activated zinc collector, especially where iron sulfides are a problem or faster kinetics are required.  This series includes the latest in collector technology known as functionalized thionocarbamate and thioureas. These products are designed to provide improved rejection of iron sulfides at lower pH’s than more conventional collectors. This results in lower costs due to the reduction in lime required.


The Flottec 2000 series are water soluble salts exhibit a wide range of properties with respect to selectivity and froth character.  The Dithiophosphates are effective in alkaline flotation circuits and are more selective than xanthates against pyrite at pH between 8 and 10.  The Monothiophosphates are effective copper collectors in acid circuits and in LPF circuits.  Monothiophosphates are also effective at all pH ranges for improving gold recovery in conjunction with dithiophosphates.  These products are available in the aryl or alkyl form.  The aryl products usually display significant frothing properties but depending on the cresylic acid used, these properties can be varied to suite the conditions.


The Flottec 200 series collectors are anionic collectors including products from the chemical families such as petroleum sulfonates, fatty acid and other anionic products that are used in industrial mineral applications across a wide variety of conditions. The Flottec 500 series collectors are aqueous collectors based on formulations of MERCAPTOBENZOTHIAZOLES. They are useful in a wide variety of flotation applications.